Darien Paddle League

2019 - 2020

About the DPL

The Darien Paddle League ("DPL") is a platform tennis (paddle) group designed for players of all skill levels who reside in and around the town of Darien, CT. The League has no formal affiliation with the town. It is privately-funded and managed by volunteers.


Registration period for 2019 - 2020 is now CLOSED
Logins now enabled.

Entry fee per team is $65, payable before season starts.
      Entry fee checks payable to DPL President and Finance Chairman, and all-around great guy: Matt Jordan, 79 Leeuwarden Rd, Darien CT 06820

Congratulations to our 2018-19 Flight Champs!

      A+:   Jonny Perkins & Phil Salvat over Jud Staniar & Steve Larson

      A:     Ryan Coyle & Peter Kim over The Craft Brothers

      B+:   Greg Grambling & Bruce McGuire over Ken Lavine & Pete Yoars

      B:     Daniel Murray & Matt Weidner over Sean Durkin & Sean Murdock

      C:     Tom Singher & Nate Newhall over James Maher & Peter Davidson

      D:     Jeremy Gehrke & Jay Tini over Conor Gill & Jack Devilliers

      E:     Mark Campbell & Nick Gupta over Chad Weber & Jon Sinex



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